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G- 8 _ 9 - komathi a

Class Activity ( Elocution)

“As part of Monthly class activity Elocution was conducted on June 19th 2021, Saturday. Grades 6 to 9 were given different Topics such as :
• Education makes us a happy Person.
• The characteristics that makes a person Hero.
• Reality shows are exploiting People.
• Hard work is an important as having talent.
• A narrow escape from the trouble.
Every participant was given 3 to 5 minutes to speak on the selected topic. It was indeed astounding to see how beautifully students had put their thoughts , insights , humour and delivered the speech of consciousness which was fluent and articulate while being unscripted.
The objective was to give opportunity to students to combat with biggest fear factor .This allows the student to connect with the audience and also understand the concept of voice modulation.”

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