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3B - Komathi a

Class Activity ( Story Telling)

“As part of Monthly class activity Story Telling was conducted on June 19th 2021, Saturday. Grades 1 to 5 were given different Themes such as :
Grades 1 and 2 Moral Stories
Grade 3 Kindness or Sharing
Grade 4 Honesty
Grade 5 Inspirational Stories
Every student in the class participated enthusiastically. They enjoyed presenting their stories to the class. It was a great way that allowed students to express their views creatively.
Also on account of June 19th being National Reading Day the teacher shared a story for the whole class. Story was based on the significance of reading books. Children read the story and discussed how books are important to acquire any knowledge.
The objective of Story Telling was to improve communication skill, to build the confidence in them to present in front of other students and tell a story, to enhance listening skills, reduces stress and anxiety.”

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