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Coffee Morning- GR 1 to 5

Coffee Morning- GR 1 to 5

Objective: Coffee Morning has a two-fold objective of disseminating curriculum information to parents as well as involving them in the assessment process of their child’s learning.

Coffee Morning was conducted for PSP (Grade1 to 5) all grades

It is a platform in which they can confidently share their learning with
their parents independently”

“Write-up on the activity:
–> Coffee morning was conducted on 25-Sep-2021
–> Students of each class was divided into 3 to 4 groups.
–> Each group performed different activities such as Roleplay, PPT presentation, Poster presentation, etc.,
–> Parents were given Rubrics based on the activity to assess their child’s performance.
–> Students from all the grades participated enthusiastically, parents were surprised to the coordination among the students throughout the event… appreciated the school for taking up such a wonderful initiative.



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