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Grade-1A Martyr's Day (3)

Special Assembly – Martyr’s Day

Special Assembly – Martyr’s Day

“Date : Special assembly conducted on 31st January 2022
Timings : Conducted during class hours
Venue : Respective classrooms
Number of Students participated : All

Write up on Special Assembly : “Special assembly was conducted for the students of
Grade 1 to Grade 9”

The special assembly was based on “”Martyr’s Day””

“Martyr’s Day is celebrated in India to remember freedom fighters who laid down their lives to help make India independent”

Few students from each grade were assigned to take up special assembly and presented the following

1. Thought of the day.
2. Country of the Month.
[Students spoke about the National flag, symbols, food, festivals and currency]

3. Significance of Martyr’s Day
4. National and International news.

Objective of Special Assembly

Students can develop their oral skills and self-confidence.

It builds responsibility, leadership and teamwork.

To help students to overcome stage fear and promote public speaking.

Students will gain knowledge about different countries.”

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