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Humanitarian Day (2)

Special Assembly-World Humanitarian Day

Special Assembly-World Humanitarian Day

Date 18th August 2021, Wednesday
Timings Conducted during class hours
Venue Online Synchronous – Google meet.
Number of Students participated Grade 1 to 9 (All students)
Write up on the activity “Special assembly was conducted for the students of
Grade 1 to Grade 9”

The special assembly was based on
“World Humanitarian Day”

A Few students from each grade were assigned the responsibility of presenting the special assembly.
The presentation included the following.

1. Thought of the day.
2. Country of the Month.
[Students spoke about the National flag, symbols,
food, festivals and currency]
3. Significance of World Humanitarian Day.
4. National and International news.

Objective of the activity

Students can develop their oral skills and self-confidence.

It builds responsibility, leadership and teamwork.

To help students to overcome stage fear and promote public speaking.

Students will gain knowledge about different countries.


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