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Virtual Visit to Organization server room (1)

Virtual Visit to Organization server room

Virtual Visit to Organization server room

“Date : 01-09-2021, Wednesday
Subject : ICT
Timings: 10.00 to 10.25 AM
Venue : Online Synchronous – Google meet.
Server room of Techno task Business Solutions, Bhopal
Grade 8 and 9 (All students)

Virtual visits are important for interactive learning and exposure.

The objective of this virtual visit was to get to know about the Organization’s
server and various components associated with it.

The students of Grade 8 and 9 were taken
to virtual visit to the server room of Techno task Business solutions, Bhopal

A server room is an important place that provides a cool environment which is
devoted for data storage servers and computer networking devices.

The server room set up was shown and
explained by the IT Manager – Mr.

Learning Outcome:

Computer equipment generates large amount of heat, so a server room requires constant cooling to prevent the equipment from overheating or causing a fire.

Maintaining physical security for a server room is very important, because
confidential data is stored on the servers. So, it usually kept locked with limited
authorized access.

Students explored many networking devices such as network cables (CAT 6
and fiber optic wires) Server racks, routers and switches.”

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